The Northern Songbirds are Infinitely Possible!

The Yorkshire Festival, in conjunction with Grassington Festival, brought Hope & Social to Harrogate as part of the Tour of Infinite Possibility. After five performances over two days, the boys arrived in our spa town on Sunday 8th June tired, maybe a little bit broken, but still full of enough energy to ignite the audience, the Northern Songbirds, the Spa Town Roller Girls, Rock Up & Sing, and dozens of individuals who came out to perform with The Band Anyone Can Join. They didn’t disappoint…they never do!

Songbirds Do TIP

Image by Shot By Sodium

There were warm-up gigs and workshops. There were laughs and missed notes. There were practices and perfectionists. Above all else, there was fun.

We couldn’t believe the energy in Harrogate’s Crescent Gardens that night! The audience was filled with friends and family, but also with long-terms H&S fans who’d come out to be a part of something special. In addition, there were local residents inspired to get out and see what the Yorkshire Festival was all about. We were definitely all a part of something special.

We sang. We danced. We performed. We were incredible. It was all incredible. It was more than incredible. It was magical.

Image by Shot By Sodium

Image by Shot By Sodium

Next up, we’ll be singing again as part of The Tour of Infinite Possibility Knaresborough gig on Saturday 21st June (11am, Market Place).

So, what more is there?

There’s the Opening Ceremony for the Grand Depart of the Tour de France, that’s what. Hope & Social will be there, performing “The Big Wide” for over 3 million people at the Leeds Arena. And because there’s room in the band (why not, since anyone can join?!) they’ve invited us to join in with them.

How could we refuse?

So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some ‘birds in red hoodies and t-shirts during the event on 3 July 2014 on ITV. We’ll be there with these huge, genuine smiles plastered across our faces. In fact, I suspect they’ll be stuck there for quite some time.

Written by Kelly Herdrich.


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